Serious tools that drive business.

We're experts at applying contests, sweepstakes and games to tough marketing challenges. Here's some of what we've done...

  • Stimulate product trial.
  • Get prominent display or shelf space.
  • Cost effectively build a database.
  • Tap the power of viral recommendations.
  • Drive traffic & sales during seasonal spending periods.
  • Drive business to a new day part.
  • Involve prospects in a product demo.
  • Up sell to a larger, premium product.
  • Renew interest in a lagging rewards program.

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Sure, customers love to play games and win great stuff. But that's not why successful companies run contests, sweepstakes and games, year over year.

Solid promotions grab your customers' attention, amplify your message in a competitive market, build your brand and deliver increased traffic and repeat sales. Contests, sweepstakes and games aren't light-weight and no one runs a promotion to give away prizes: It's about strategies, tactics and results that go right to the bottom line.