We don't like waiting, surprises or paying for more than we need.
The same with you?
  • We work on a project basis and provide a package price for the group of services you need for your promotion.
  • Unless there's been a major change in the nature of what you've requested, you can count on the price quoted, to be the price paid.

  • We work especially hard to respond quickly with proposals, pricing and recommendations: Getting decision makers in one room can be tough enough, without waiting for the input you need.

  • Not sure if a project will "pencil"? Don't hesitate to ask for pricing just to get a feasibility check on a project -- we'll help you round out the assumptions so that you can get a good working estimate.

And we're always available for quick questions or to "kick around" a few ideas to start the thought process.

Give us a call: 480-443-6806.

We take the buyer's perspective in our pricing: solid estimates, thorough cost projections, no open-ended pricing.

  • Effective promotions are ones in which more is spent on the incentives vs. collateral materials. We keep these priorities in order and make suggestions to reduce spending that won't improve the promotion... and offer options that can make a big difference.